When fashion meets communication


  At the end of every month I get really, really excited and I am sure all fashion lovers like me would understand why… it’s the time when all the fashion magazines release their new issues. I love it! The smell of a new magazine, the glossy cover… There’s nothing better than a Sunday morning with a cup of hot green tea, a cozy blanket to cuddle up in and read a fashion magazine. Care to disagree?

Many people feel fashion magazines have the ideology of a perfect woman that of course being tall, slim and a stunningly beautiful face. (Richmond, 2009)  Many feel magazines are a form of bullying, I disagree.

Magazines are nothing but a type of media platform.

Lets take a closer look at the media platform of my favorite magazine Vogue partakes in.

(Monk, 2009) Conde Nast publications publishes Vogue magazine in eighteen countries. The magazine was first published in the United States and made its first appearance over seas in Britain in the year 1916.

(Monk, 2009) “Vogue carries on with a public media sphere…” and targets female audiences. Its no wonder their ideological views are very similar to what Barbie is portrayed as.

A quote by an unknown individual is “the first 10 years of a girls life is spent playing with Barbie’s & the next 10 years are spent trying to look like one.”

It is not within the magazines that have created such ideologies, but yet it is within the female mind, that has created Barbie as the perfect woman.

(Sundar, Xu & Bellur, 2012) Fashion Magazines play a huge part of fashion marketing. They advertise cosmetics high end fashion and sometimes give you tips on how to look your best. As having an add in a magazine like Vogue would be extremely costly, especially If you own a small clothing boutique. Social media can pull you out of obscurity in a matter of, well… clicks!  This would bring us back to McLuhan and the Global Village.

(Sundar, Xu & Bellur, 2012) Any small fashion design store would be foolish not to be a part of the social media storm that is taking over the Internet. Facebook alone can catapult a business from nothing into a sensation overnight. You just got to get people talking. It is called social media because companies are now completely in touch with their customers.

They are hearing what they have to say, listening to their comments and providing feedback all in an effort to make the customer happy. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to offer deals and run great promotions, and because a person “likes” the company’s page or talks up the business, friends and family members find out and start to follow and everyone reaps the benefits.

As fashion bloggers too play a huge role in fashion, you can instantly learn what people all are the world are wearing.  Its simply up to you, if you prefer a magazine that supports the higher end multi billionaire companies, or the internet that supports the multi billionaire companies and the small local companies.

Xo Karen

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