Uncensored Fashion

With the ever-growing list of technologies we use today as forms of communication, it is almost impossible to censor fashion. Fashion is everywhere. It appears in advertisements, on the streets, newspapers, television, movies, Facebook, blogs, etc. etc. Of course some of those are easier to censor than others, places like Facebook and other internet social media being the harder ones. People these days can post pretty much whatever they please wherever they please, in one of the many many outlets on the internet. In the rare event that something you post might get taken down or edited, the fact is it still got posted and is still in cyberspace somewhere or could have possibly already been seen. 
With the increasing popularity of the internet, there is nothing stopping anyone from becoming a fashion designer. Now more than ever there are independent fashion designers springing up all over the place. The internet has really given designers outlets though places like Etsy, BigCartel, or even buying your own webpage where pretty much anyone can see your designs.
Fashion is an art form that often has profound messages. The following photos show independent fashion designer Marialia in one of her self-made bandeaus. They were made as a limited edition item for the Fourth of July. Her passion for her country would surely appease the American government but what is stopping someone from other countries such as England or Japan from buying one?


Of course there are exceptions to everything and there are many brand names and companies that are owned by major corporations that suffer from less freedom of expression and have outside influences.
I doubt inventors would be very happy if a sophisticated line like Joe Fresh (as seen in Superstore) came out with a shirt like this one also by Marialia.
Even despite the internet, a lot of peoples fashion influences comes from celebrities. Celebrities have been known to be profound with their fashion statements. There is nothing stopping them from expressing their political ideologies or other possible offensive material through their fashion at which point we are all exposed.

I don’t know how happy the government would be if everybody paraded around in these shirts on television for the rest of the world to see and get an impression from.

Chomsky and Herman believe that the idea that the public needs to be controlled for their own good is the dominant ideology in the US. In fashion, regardless of whether that is the dominant ideology or not, you will never be able to completely censor it.


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