Fashion through democracy and media


Fashion comes from different things around the world. Its shown through many perspectives from, televison, radios, to magazines and websites. One main thing about the fashion industry is that it takes complete control over the media and the society around us. As we turn on our T.Vs to watch the news or our favorite T.V show there always something the relates to fashion. We attend to follow the lasted trend from what we see or hear through the media and the community around us. Fashion is one thing that’s huge in communications, it gives out a topic for people to analyze and talk over. It also gives a chance for people like “Coco Channel” to make history. If you look at fashion through democracy we look at the fact that fashion has changed thoughts of people of different cultures. We look at how in some religion its forbidden to show skin, or in some religions wearing a bikini one a sunny day is a normal thing, but thoughts of what people think and see if what makes the fashion industry more and more popular. When people see they talk and when they talk they manage to buy. To spread the fashion industry media has a huge part in this. Most of us agree that we get the joy in seeing new things on online or in magazines which comes from the media. Now and days we can buy a whole new wardrobe online and not have to worry about going in a store. Fashion is a powerful thing all around the world, different cultures come together and share the ideas and styles which is why we have fashion shows such as “Vancouver Fashion Show” that hits every year. Almost everyday fashion reaches us in all type of ways and it continues to grow on us. 

By: Nancy Deol 


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