Social Media Puts you in front row for Fashion week.

Fashion meets Social Media .

Social media is transforming both the nature and delivery of Fashion Week coverage (in New York, Milan, and Paris), by expanding its scope and also increasing its immediacy to meet a growing demand for exact play- by- play coverage and events online. “They argue that what was once a notoriously pretentious and exclusive conversation has been now opened up to the people.”  says Amy Odell. That only the privileged and those who do have a true love of fashion can attend this function. Now one has to ask themselves, if “social media” is actually a good thing to happen to “fashion” let alone Fashion Week. That if tumblr, instagram, twitter etc are truly the blame for the decline of fashion week.

Although that wasn’t the case always, “Ten years ago, the idea of someone in South Dakota watching a live stream of a runway show was outlandish,” said John Jannuzzi, a digital editor at Conde Nast’s Lucky Magazine. “Now, everyone is watching it at the same time, but accessibility does not make it less exclusive. Nothing compares to being at the actual show.” This is showing that fashion was only shown to the elite. That if one were not invited personally they had no right to even see it. But that’s all in the past; we now can see all the Fashion Week events in the luxury of our living room.

One can connect this with the theory of Marshall McLuhan the “global village”.  With the advent of electronic media, you can know the information about your neighbor’s life in the same amount of time as it takes to know what’s happening on the other side of the world. That indeed geography is no longer a hindrance to communication. It is known that social media continues to be a huge growing factor in the fashion industry and has shaped the fashion world for the better. We can now hear and see all the Fashion Week events that take place thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds.

As McLuhan would say that as humans we are wasting our time. He states that we are forced to become aware of things happening globally rather than concerning ourselves with our own smaller communities.  Also that we can now hear and see events that take place thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds; often even quicker than we hear of events in our own villages or even families. He believes that we should be more focused and interested in our “village”.  McLuhan argues that it is the speed of these electronically media that allows us to act and react to the global issues at the same speed as a normal verbal communication done face to face.

This sudden embrace of technology has been a long time coming. There were many reasons on to why the fashion industry hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon for technology. One reason was so the designers would preserve their brand and had total control over it. Every detail has to be according to what the designer wanted.

–  Hanii.


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