How Magazines Spread Fashion

 “All the latest fashion trends brought to you”. That is what the magazine Glamour claims to do. Magazines seem to be an impactful to spread fashion or give advice to people. As Lauren Sherman write it on (Sherman, 2008), “Anna Wintour, for two decades the editor behindVogue, is known for helping fledgling talent become fashion stars”. So journalists and editors seem to be powerful enough to show what it is fashionable, to critique designers and fashion shows. The readers even ask for advice like Anya, 24 years old in Glamour (August 2012) “How can we look cool and sexy at the beach ?”. Readers trust magazines, they seem them as reliable sources to be fashionable. As Forbes says (Sherman, 2008) “The best editors create and maintain a relationship and a sense of community with their readers.”
Besides most of magazines have different edition depending on the different countries all around the world. The magazine Cosmo has 64 editions all around the world, The New York Times (Zimmerman, 2012) wrote an article about it named
“How Cosmo conquered the world”. In fact, magazines spread Fashion through a lifestyle, as The New York Times (Zimmerman, 2012) says “Cosmo has been very, very popular […] I’d like to think that one of the messages we’re delivering to women is: You don’t have to marry the guy your parents told you to marry. You should marry who you want to marry. You can have a job if you’d like. You can have a career if you want. These choices are open to you today.” Which makes it more impactful.

Magazines spread fashion through their editors, articles, images but also through their advertisement. As says “Advertisements provided many more images”. They associate their name with fashion brands. Forbes (Sherman, 2008) talked about the Dos and Don’ts of Fashion magazines and says that they are “seen both hardcover and paperback editions and cemented her role as a sartorial adviser […] [which] inspires reader loyalty by speaking to who the reader is, not who she hopes to be ”
The History make magazines a reliable source too, as says that even in the early 1900, “Women saw what they liked in the pages of fashion magazines and were no longer satisfied with dresses that were not identified with the style of a particular fashion designer.“

So even if a study study by Colliander and Dahlen (2011) seems to prove that fashion bloggers have more influence than fashion magazines, as a journalist (Sanders, 2012) saysThe transformation of readers into contributors presents challenges. But there’s no going backwards. Readers aren’t just readers anymore. And the publishers with the best chance of survival may be the ones that are meeting this media sea change head-on.”





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