Fashion and the global village

 Imagine a world without luxurious, modern tools that we all take for granted such as the radio, television, and even the Internet.  Global issues would not be easily reported, but lets look at this from a fashionista’s point of view. Well Oh, no! Most of todays major fashion is designed in France, Italy and New York. You could basically say good-bye to Chanel, Chloe, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Louis Vuitton and much more.  Where would that leave us who live everywhere else in the world? For starters we would probably be dressed like this.

The Internet, television and even radio assist the whole world in becoming a single community. A term Marshal McLuhan used to describe all of this is the “Global Village”.  (Symes, 1995) “The telephone and the radio become a long distance ear as the television and computer extend the eye by projecting further than our biological range of vision and hearing”. Fashion is more valued when seen rather than heard. Fashion is a form of art.

What many of us seem to forget is that fashion is also a form of communication, nonverbal communication to be specific. A reason why many of us may believe staying on top of the style is important, but attending an actual couture fashion show could sometimes be extremely costly (flight ticket, hotel rental and fashion show ticket), reason why television is so important for those in love with style. Thankfully we are all extremely blessed to be able to watch the fashion show on television.  Fashion has become the most sought after identity; people are always after new fashion. Today’s fashion is mainly influenced through electronic and print cultures. The only time oral culture is ever used with fashion is when a sales associate approaches you at a top of the line-clothing store (this person is most likely working on a target or commission).This is fairly said as magazines, television, and the internet only uses mediated communication, which is fundamentally less meaningful.

After reading what I have said you may make the assumption that the global village is a positive term.

(Baker, 2011) Don’t worry many individuals today use the term global village with a positive connotation. What I want to educate you on, is the fact that “…McLuhan did not think of the global village as a happy place at all…” McLuhan referred to this term with “…terror, the home we would all have to move to when electronic media had finished re-tribalizing us”. (Baker 2011) McLuhan felt tribal society and digital society are both the same because they are both “…in the state of ceaseless change, where everybody is constantly affecting everybody else”

. (Baker 2011)  Digital societies lack privacy, which can sometimes be horrible for even fashion. Think about it. The name of fashion is everywhere, and has created a sense of disbelief in the more conservative communities. The main problem for fashion designers would be copying! Though designers are able to create new designs based on the fashion shows aired on television, there are few designers who copy the designs of the well-known designers. The labels are also sometimes changed. This causes a loss to the real designer.

Though television plays a major role in taking fashion to the doorstep of every house around the world it too has its flaws.

McLuhan predicted future communication problems, but his theories have become dramatically true, even within the fashion industry itself.

Xo Karen


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