What Does Beauty Mean to You ?

Recently I read an article on Glamour.com (Here), I tried to figure out what was the point of it, what was the ideology. It seems like the main point of it is to say that being slim is being beautiful. Glamour is known as a fashion magazine all around the world and specially for young girls. So I guess that the writer and the fashion girls who feel concerned by the article think that they have too much weight and looking slim leads to fashion and beauty. So I think that their goal in the future-and the nearest would be the best- is to be beautiful and fashion, to be fashion icons. But from where does this ideology come from ?

Not that hard to guess, you just have to take a look to the podium which start new trend every seasons. It brings up that the wider discourse would be about beauty, how to look fashion, how to be attractive.

The fact is that the article definitely supports on giving advice to hide weight (“If you have longer, curly, wavy hair, it gives the effect that your body is smaller than it is“) and to be aware of any situation which can be perilous for your trick (“Remember that you will put the weight back on after drinking liquids and eating salt“). People concerned by this ideology want help to be slim now without making effort, so quick. All about appearances like fashion. As fast as getting changed. So it pushes you to think about it all the time like if it was a way of life, something that you have to be all the time. Nice, isn’t it ? As women, shouldn’t we be beautiful all the time ?

Even if you do not see yourself as having too much weight, it can makes you wonder if you haven’t being eating to much chocolate lately-especially because you returned to work which might be kind of depressing if you spent holiday in sunny places-. We all see some defects in our body, so we all wonder how to hide them or how to make them disappear. But it can also lead us to some discussions about some girls having eating disorders because they are trying to reach this perfection, this beauty. Where is the limit ? Who knows how should be a woman ? Some love curves, some hate them. Like fashion, some love some pieces that some others hate. It’s like when a hue fits to a model or a friend but it doesn’t fit you. Let’s have a look to another ideology. (ELLE French magazine can help you with that)

Written by Sarah


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