Steven Meisel Vogue Italia editorial on plastic surgery “makeover madness”

The ideology in this editorial is that in order to be perfect you need to change your look to fit with the model and fashion industry. This editorial was particularly controversial, showing the models getting poked, stitched and bandaged to stay “pretty”. “ The line between reality and fashion has never been thinner”. Appearance is a big role in the fashion industry and the way “Vogue Italia” has shown it in there 2005 issue being perfect is a painful method considering the Gorgeous “perfect” looking models had displayed there style in such controversial way. The ideology is pretty simple behind this. As Steven Meisel had shown clearly, fashion and beauty is not something that comes naturally, you must work at it by harming your own body. Lets not forget that these are real people with real feeling. ImageImageImageImage


By Nancy Deol 


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