Paris Vogue’s Controversial Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau.

Sexualization of children in France.



Controversy erupted over the images of 10 year old French model (Thylane Lena Rose Blondeau), daughter of Veronika Loubry (actress) and Patrick Blondeau (former international soccer player). Thylane had landed the cover of ˝Paris Vogue˝ magazine 2010 issue. This spread featured the 10 year old model styled in designer labels and heavy makeup, she then was photographed in numerous provocative poses. This ad prompted an international scandal; we all have understood the objectification of 16 year olds for the sake of fashion. So should we accept this now?  Seeing a 10 year old now doing the exact same thing came as a shock. That in the name of fashion should ˝sexualization˝ of children be allowed?

Image It can be seen that ˝sexualization˝ has become a huge problem in the world. The fact that a 10 year old exposing her pubescent body has brought attention to Vogue. After this spread was released it had the internet buzzing and critics such as therapist Dr. Jenn Bernan says ˝this kind of thing isn’t sexy- it’s disturbing˝  ˝in-appropriate. Wildly appropriate, Child pornography it’s just way out there. ˝ I totally agree with her, that these pictures are just pure pornography. It’s a known fact that ˝sex˝ itself sells but using a younger model is that the right way to go about it?

The main two ideologies that can be derived from this whole issue are both political. Both the liberal and conservative views on how society accepts the fact a child model should expose herself internationally. Vogue itself has a more liberal view towards this matter reason being when asked on what were they thinking they responded by saying; ˝the young models were simply dressing like maman (like mothers). ˝ . Meaning that they believe that showing seductive pictures are normal even if it’s a child. But Vogue isn’t the only one who believes this isn’t a big deal ;Thylane’s mom says that ˝The only thing that shocks me about the photos is that the necklace she is wearing is worth three million euros.. my daughter isn’t naked let’s not blow this out of proportion. It can be seen that the mother sees no wrong in this that her daughter isn’t ˝naked˝ even though she is only wearing a beaded necklace as a shirt. (See picture below) We all know fashion is unique and can be called ˝strange˝ but is there anything acceptable of a 10 year topless? Although she doesn’t have any features of grown women she is still being used as an object. Something someone can ogle at, there is nothing cute or adorable about this whole magazine spread.


Although most mothers would not agree with this, they absolutely do not condone these pictures nor wish their daughters to dress like that. (Especially the French mothers) Dr. Emma Gray of the British CBT says ˝This picture is the Antithesis of what childhood in our society should be, a child being exposed to a world she isn’t yet equipped to deal with solely to serve the needs of the adults around her. ˝ It can be seen that these group of people have a more ˝conservative˝ look in life. That a child should not be wearing a low cut blouses and be pouting their lips seductively. Instead they should be engaging in more childlike activities; sadly this isn’t the case children are just growing up to fast these days. So the real question I ask is, at the end of the day is age merely just a number? Image



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