Faux fur dream?

PETAS dream of faux fur may be coming true—like the song sang in Cinderella “ a dream is a wish that comes true”. PETA has had a variety of celebrities pose naked for their campaign, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” but not much of an influence was made on fashion trends. Perhaps having designers such as Karl Lagerfeld will make a difference.

The blog post Fall Fashions Hottest Trend: Faux Fur written by Paula a blog writer for PETA, shares the ideology of fashion forward being faux fur. “If you’d rather go naked than wear fur, you’re in luck” says Paula. The blog includes how many “hefty fashion magazines… this month include spreads spotlighting faux-fur coats and other creations.”

The blog remains unsure of the reasons for high end fashion going faux, but makes it clear that it doesn’t matter. However “for the sake of the millions of animals suffering in crowded wire-mesh cages on fur farms, faux fur is one trend that we should all embrace.”  Paula doesn’t stop at that; she educates her readers on the cruelty animals face while living on fur farms. I’m sure everyone loves rabbits; so what better way to promote faux fur than to explain how the “Rabbits’ tender feet become raw and ulcerated from rubbing against the wire mesh of the cage bottoms, and the stench of ammonia from urine-soaked floors burns their eyes and lungs.”
Further more, who would have thought that Project Runway’s Tim Gunn shares the same ideological views? Paula has quoted him saying “With so many great alternatives, why would you buy the real thing? Why would you? I just don’t understand it.” Paula has also mentioned Marc Bouwer (who too shares the same belief) does not use any animal products in his collection. If that doesn’t help change the minds of fashionistas around the world; who better to quote than Karl Lagerfeld him self. According to Paula Mr. Lagerfeld has said “Technical advances are so perfect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing.

It’s clear that PETA’s fashion ideology is a world of faux fur, but there must be some sort of debate considering real fur is eco friendly, whereas faux fur isn’t even biodegradable.

At a further discourse Karl Lagerfeld first introduced faux fur in his 2010 fall collection, and was quoted saying, “Fake is not chic …but fake fur is.” After his collection many magazines featured fur in their issues. Leading to many blog posts on the phenomena. Unfortunately fur makes a comeback this season. The faux fur versus real fur debate is ignited once again. Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Altuzarra and many other big designers showed catwalks overflowing with real fur boots, coats, hats, scarves and gloves. So does this mean competition? Should all designers be like Karl Lagerfeld? What about the fact that you will never be green wearing faux?


Xo Karen


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