Gorgeous victoria secret model claims, the ” crazy ” diet was a misunderstanding

Adriana Lima is insisting the details about the crazy diet is all a misunderstanding. The social media came to a conclusion that Adriana was on a nine-day diet, drinking only protien shakes and egg powder, after which she was banned from drinking water for 12 hours prior to the start of the show. They also reported the model worked out twice a day for three weeks leading up to the show.

However, Adriana says ” like anyone whose body is her source of income or who poses in her skivvies for all to see, you can’t eat everything, of course … I eat healthy and work out a lot. Adriana stresses these words of her own to the teenagers out there, not to starve themselves or only drink liquids. We are glad to hear that the model Adriana is trying to be a healthy role model, and we’re relieved that all “those extreme diet rumors were one big confusion”.



By: Swetha Nand


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