Bayo Mixed Race Fashion Campaign.

“ What’s your mix advertisement”


This clothing company has stopped its advertising campaign after all the disapproval it had received. “The criticism that was stated said that there was an alleged bias towards the Filipinos with “foreign lineage” . Many social media users in the Philippines are furious over the campaign by “ Bayo”. Bayo itself is a fashion retail brand for women. Their slogan for this particular ad stated, “ What’s your mix?” This ad itself featured five models that were mixed raced that attempt to portray by using racial diversity. Out of all of the ads the one who did spark attention to this whole controversy was the ad featuring a flipina-Austrialian model/actress named “Jasmine Curtis-Smith”. She herself was a mixed 50% Australian and 50% Filipina. The blurb that had accompanied this ad read; “ This is just all about mixing and matching nationalities, moods, personalities and of course fashion pieces.” “ Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.” As soon as the ads appeared online, Bayo’s Facebook page was attacked with many negative comments. One Facebook user, J.J. Yacapin wrote; “It’s not the people with mixed ancestries that should get offended, rather it is those who are 100%,” “This is because Bayo is aking to saying you’re not beautiful if you’re just 100%
 Both these photos and manifesto were accompanied by a very strong reaction from many social media users. The uproar of all who disagreed to this began to criticize Bayo for placing a so-called pedestal on mix raced models. Bayo’s brand itself was marketed as “proudly Filipino” in the past, and so this sudden change came as a surprise to some users. Many believed that Bayo was encouraging racial and ethnical segregation, that the only true beauty of a Filipina is if she herself is mixed. Others believe that this ad is targeting those who are of a mixed lineage who seem to be uncomfortable. That they themselves do not feel comfortable with the fact that they are of a mixed breed, causing them to have a low self-esteem.

 “This campaign itself was to be a three- part series that was suppose to be rolled out over the next few months. Intent on using these three methods ; celebrate nationality, heritage and personality mix. Unfortunately the message got lost causing the whole project to be shut down” This indicates that both denotation and connotation play a huge role in this matter. That by saying , “What’s your mix?”, can be interpreted on what is one’s ethnicity. Whether they are a mixed breed, and if so, that they are truly beautiful. However, on the other hand, this can consequently be interpreted negatively, in which not being mixed is ugly. Yet, contrary to this, others should understand that even though this may sound like a racial remark, the message is providing awareness and showing others that are not of the majority are truly beautiful in their own way. All in all, was that the main purpose of this ad? What Bayo was trying to advertise? One would argue the message they were trying to convey was interpreted incorrectly. That the use of race as an advertising tool was not as effective as they hoped.



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